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    NS Great Lakes, IL Museums

    The Waukegan History Museum resides in one of Waukegan's oldest buildings from 1843 and is furnished with period pieces from the town. The museum collects photographs and artifacts of their town's history, including a Vaudeville trunk belonging to Jack Benny, a famous American entertainer and comedian who grew up in Waukegan, and a bed in which Abraham Lincoln once slept when he visited town.

    The Great Lakes Naval Museum collects and shares the history of the Navy's only boot camp at Great Lakes and puts an emphasis on recruiting and training history throughout the entire Navy.

    The Russell Military Museum features over 300 aircraft and vehicles from the Civil War to today. There are many different types of tanks and vehicles on tracks, wheels, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, water vehicles, engines, and enough missiles for any military buff to enjoy walking through this 8-acre facility.

    Long Grove Historic Village was settled by German immigrants in the 1800s as farmland and today serves as an outdoor shopping and dining area nestled among the centuries-old village structures such as the blacksmith shop, dairies, taverns, and grist mills that once made up a thriving little town.

    The Volo Auto Museum showcases over 300 cars ranging from famous Hollywood movie cars, antiques and classics, to muscle cars. Notable "famous" cars include several Batmobiles, the Delorean from "Back to the Future", and the hearse-like car from "Ghostbusters".

    The Lake County Discovery Museum has the country's largest collection of post cards and various other exhibits that show off the history, culture, and art of the Lake County region. The Museum also hosts events throughout the year, such as the Farm Heritage Festival, and Civil War Days, the largest Civil War reenactment in the state.

    The Gold Pyramid House is the largest 24-carat gold plated structure ever built in North America. This private residence, surrounded by a large moat, is available for touring should visitors want to view the triple-car garage pyramid, 64-ft tall Ramses statue, hieroglyphics, and King Tut replica tomb.

    The Mother Rudd House and Museum was originally a tavern and stagecoach stop built in 1841-1844, making it one of the oldest buildings in Lake County. The tavern soon became the town hall, post office, and voting office and its barn is said to have been part of the Underground Railroad.

    The Button Room Museum started with the impressive button collection of lifelong Gurnee resident Peg Hewitt. Now the museum features a rotation of monthly, themed button exhibits, "button classes" where visitors can make jewelry and objects, and the history of the Hewitt women of Gurnee.

    The Sanfilippo Estate, also known as the Place de la Musique, features the largest collection of restored, automatic musical instruments in the world and also houses other period antiques. In addition to the world's largest pipe organ, a 1927 Wurlitzer, there are phonographs, music boxes, violin machines, and orchestrions (both American and European). Antique objects also include penny arcade machines, a Holcomb & Hoke Butterkist popcorn maker, and 2 Victorian-era Eastlake chandeliers.